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If you are anything like us, you’re crazy busy. Well, AVWELLNESS lets you to get fit no matter what type of schedule you have. By having awesome, online video workouts at your fingertips, you can exercise at any time of the day. Most of our workouts don’t require any equipment, so you can get fit virtually anytime, anywhere!

From Novice to Advanced Guru

At AVWELLNESS, no matter where you are on the fitness scale, we have a workout for you! Each video is well planned to get maximum benefit from minimum effort. Plus, they are designed by a well trained, certified fitness expert so you can learn without fear of injury. No two workouts are alike and we will even respond personally to your fitness questions.

Personal Sessions From Amanda

Our workouts provide you with detailed guidance and encouragement every step of the way. Each workout is designed to provide you options that let you adapt to your skill set, your energy level and your goals. So whether you are on an arduous weight loss and overall fitness journey, or just giving yourself a boost for the day, we have the workout for you.

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  • Your online workouts are great! I really like the intensity in a short amount of time, this works well for a busy schedule. I find myself really looking forward to working out and am seeing good results.

    —Catherine S.
  • Your workouts routines are perfect for me! Thanks for getting me back on track again.

    —Cyndi V.
  • I can really tell a difference since I started using Amanda's workouts!

    —Gary R.
  • I have been attending Amanda’s exercise classes for several years now (yoga, kickboxing/strength). The classes are small and no two classes are ever the same. She pays attention to each person in the class and adjusts the work out ‘on the fly’ based on how people are handling the exercises. She also makes sure that everyone feels comfortable taking the class.

    —Amy Dickinson
  • Your online workouts are great! I really like the intensity in a short amount of time, this works well for a busy schedule. I find myself really looking forward to working out and am seeing good results. Virtual workouts maybe aren't as fun as in person, but it has been a great solution since my moving out of state. Love working out with you and receiving all the great Wellness and Nutrition information in your newsletters. Thanks Amanda!

    —Catherine Spradlin
  • Amanda is an exceptional fitness trainer, listening to her clients needs. She is also a very creative trainer, ensuring that no 2 classes are the same, which creates a desire 'to see what she's going to do this week'. I would highly recommend Amanda to anyone looking to obtain a healthier lifestyle.

    —Audrey Losey
  • Mandy is a fantastic trainer! Her videos are fun, challenging, and motivating. Just as important, Mandy is a great business woman. She is professional and always thinking about the unique needs of her clients. I would recommend Mandy and AVWELLNESS to anyone seeking to improve themselves.

    —Molly McFarland


AVWELLNESS Fitness videos are for all ages and fitness levels. I hope you find these testimonials from our current subscribers inspiring.



Amanda has a BS in Corporate Fitness & Wellness, ACE Personal Trainer, ACE Group Fitness Instructor, NESTA Spencer Pilates, SPINNING, Aquatics, Yogafit, Lifestyle Management Nutrition Specialist, AASDN Nutrition Consultant, and certified NAPM Practical Nutritionist.


Do you work your back muscles regularly and do you know what exercises you should be doing?

You’ll get the most benefits by working the muscles in all three planes of motion – the sagittal, frontal, and transverse. For training purposes, you can lump the upper and mid back together.

What exercises make up a well-rounded routine? Two exercises that effectively target the latissimus dorsi, or lats, are the pull-up and lateral pull-down. These exercises work the upper and mid-back muscles in the frontal plane while bent-over rows work the mid and upper back in the saggital plane. You also activate the lower back to some degree with this exercise. Seated cable rows are another effective exercise for the upper and mid-back.

How about the lower back – the area of the back most subject to injury? One exercise that many people don’t do that targets this area is the bent-over row using a barbell instead of a dumbbell. However, the king of exercises for working the lower back is the deadlift. Strangely, you often hear that deadlifts can injure your back. However, this is usually a consequence of using bad form. In fact, a study showed that when you perform them properly, deadlifts strengthen the paraspinal muscles that run parallel to the spine and protect your back against injury.

If you’re new to deadlifts, use light weight or no weight until you master your form. A good “starter” deadlift is the hex bar deadlift as it places the least strain on your spine. Sumo deadlifts are another variation that places less strain on the back. Start with these variations until you’re comfortable with the movement.

Finally, if you have a bench, hyperextensions, although an advanced exercise, will help strengthen your lower back and protect it against injury. You can also do this exercise lying on a mat, the so-called, Superman exercise.

Balance It Out with Yoga too🙏🏻

These exercises will help you develop strength in your upper, mid, and lower back but flexibility is also important. One way to boost back flexibility is with yoga. When you sit most of the day, you tighten the muscles in your back and tight back muscles can limit your range-of-motion when you train and increase the risk of injury. Plus, studies show that yoga may reduce lower back pain symptoms. So, after a strength workout, cool down with some yoga moves or intensive stretching to lengthen the muscles.

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